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ONPUという名のマドラーがカップに内蔵可能。 ONPUをいれたままコーヒーをいれておくと、温度によってONPUの色が変化し、 飲みどきと冷めている状態を知らせてくれる。 また、コーヒーを飲み終わった後は、カップ内側にわずかに刻まれた5本の線、 五線譜が浮かび上がる。

Design that can enjoy coffee time like listening to easy sweet sound.

The muddler named ONPU can be built into the cup. The color of ONPU changes depending on the temperature if coffee is made with ONPU put, and it informs them of the state that has been cooled when drinking. Moreover, five line and music sheets slightly carved in the cup come to the surface after having finished drinking coffee.