AMP 1st exhibition DM

AMP 1st exhibition DM

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AMPにとって最初の展示であるDESIGN TIDE09のために制作したDM。

デザイン公開前のDMのため、全体を見せずに一部分を覗き穴のようにみたて、中の写真をスライドさせてちょっとずつ見れる仕掛けを施した。 中のデザインは全3種で、メンバーそれぞれの代表的なデザインをいれたものになっている。

DM produced to exhibit with the first DESIGN TIDE09.

A part was chosen without showing the whole for DM before the design was opened to the public like the eyehole, an inside photograph was done in the slide, and beginning that was able to be seen a little was given. The inside was designed by three all kinds of, and each member's typical design was put.